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We ask for a call back so we can gather some feedback. Therefore, we can create some qualitative and quantitative date to properly position our product in the market. We have implemented our program to accommodate to our satisfied customers, to save them from the hassle of having to drive to the stores to get it.

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The website clearly states that if you do not cancel subscription within 18 days you will be billed and shipped your monthly supply. It was the first thing I read.

Not sure why everyone is leaving negative comments and complaints about. IT CLEARLY STATES IT! *** I haven't even bought the product and I know this. If you would read everything like everyone should do before you purchase something online anyways you wouldn't be going through this.

And NO I have absolutely no affiliation with the product. I was just simply reading the reviews before I hit the final "Purchase" button.

Review about: Probioslim Subscription.

I didn't like: Everyones personal error.

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I totally agree with you! people are so ignorant that they put their credit card online and don't fully acknowledge every aspect of what they are getting themselves into.

then they complain when their account gets billed?! pure ignorance, honestly. ALWAYS READ... nothing is free in this world!

and it does say clearly that you can call and cancel. i have heard that if you call them they will extend your trial period and even send you a new bottle just to give you more time.


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