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Hi there,

Customer service is extremely important to us. Have you tried to call our customer care center (The number is listed on the bottle). They will be more than glad to help you find an adequate solution to this situation.

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I did not ask for continued sending ProbioSlim to be charged to me and continued. I need Probiotics but, not concerned with Slimming down at my age.

Stop sending your ProbioSlim to me!!! You did not have my permission to charge & send ProbioSlim to me each month. !!!! I do not want anymore of these capsules and I need my money back!!!

Your advertising doesn't seem legitimate. Expecting credit or a check in the mail!!

I don't want to receive anymore products, but, do expect my money returned!! I do not want an account created--and want my money returned.

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Stop sending me this product, it doesn't work, and I've never asked for additional bottles. A good for of thievery, RICHARD J.

CARLTON 2459 NW Cedar Ave.

Redmond, Oregon 97756.


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